Blair Sandburg

Biographical Info:

Also known as

  • Chief
  • Hairboy
  • Sandy


  • Guide to Sentinel Jim Ellison
  • Police Observer of Major Crimes Unit
  • Shaman of the Great City
  • TA of Rainer University

Physical Info

  • Male
  • Long Curly Brown Hair
  • Blue Eyes
  • Light Skin

Marital Staus

  • Single



  • Spirit Animal (Wolf)

Place of Residence

  • Cascade, Washington, USA


Garett Maggart

Blair Sandburg is a graduate student working on his PhD in anthropology at Rainier University in Cascade, Washington; his thesis topic is sentinels. When he meets police officer Jim Ellison he realizes he has discovered a sentinel. He convinces Ellison to let Blair observe him in exchange for help with his senses. They soon become friends partners.


Blair Sandburg is the genius son of Naomi Sandburg, an absolute flower child. He was born in 1969. In his youth, he was all about free love and the hippie spirit, and has yet to stop. Blair had little to no stability in his youth, always moving from home to home and never settling, but that was also what spawned his love of anthropology.


When Blair was sixteen, he moved to Cascade, Washington to begin his studies. An anthropology major, his advisor was Eli Stoddard, a major expert in the field. As he quickly moved through his education, he took many trips on grants to various parts of the globe. When he finally decided to get his doctorate, he became a teaching fellow. The topic of his dissertation was the Sentinel. This was brought about by a monograph by Sir Richard Francis Burton that described both the sentinels and their roles in their respective tribes, and their partners, acutely named by one villain: guides.

At twenty-six, Blair has an 'office' in the basement at Rainier, and an $850 a month, 10,000 sq ft (930 m2) warehouse apartment.

Police ObserverEdit

During the course of the show Blair has several girlfriends, sometimes dating more than one woman at a time. One of his ex-girlfriend works at Cascade General, which is how he met Jim in the first place: she told him a man with complaints about all five of his senses had recently been admitted.

In Jim's visions Blair's spirit animal is a grey wolf.

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